Residential Treatment

Intermediate Residential

Outpatient Programs

Provides intensive residential treatment to help residents translate their wish to get well into a commitment to their recovery.
A range of options to help men and women in early recovery to successfully reintegrate into the community.
Individuals can live at home and, in many cases, work while participating in a traditional or intensive recovery program.

Treatment and Recovery

McCall offers a continuum of treatment and recovery opportunities from intensive residential treatment to outpatient programs that fit the individual needs and schedules of our clients.

We aim to welcome people to a warm and caring environment from their first moment with us through their entire stay. With our client's needs as our number one priority, we use a variety of methods and practices to build a treatment plan specific to the individual; we are always looking for new ways to build upon the treatment methods currently offered.

The team at McCall strives to connect personally with every individual; we believe that a solid connection and therapeutic alliance is key to sustained recovery and freedom.

A Treatment Program Built Around the Individual

  • Motivational interviewing used to meet the individual where they are mentally and emotionally rather than force fitting a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Self-help groups
  • Comprehensive alcohol and other drug education programs
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, while teaching a hands on approach to problem solving
  • Co-occurring disorder programs that address both mental health and substance abuse
  • Dual diagnosis groups for understanding the role of psychiatric illness in addiction
  • A holistic approach including a spiritual, healthy living component and mind/body approach
  • Psycho-educational groups
  • Adventure based counseling that promotes both self-esteem and self-awareness
  • Family participation that fosters an environment of understanding and wellness
  • Introduction to traditional 12-step programs
  • Intensive treatment options
  • Easy access to our onsite psychiatrist for continued help
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